Support Premature Babies

Not being able to take your beautiful newborn twins home must be one of the hardest things to deal with.

Lachlan and Ollie

This is exactly what Sarah, mother of Lachlan and Ollie, had to experience when she gave birth to her twin boys.

Born prematurely, Ollie underwent Intestinal Malrotation bowel surgery. Intestinal Malrotation is a condition in which there is a blockage or a twist in the digestive tract, preventing the passing of food. 

Lachlan and Ollie

Twin brother Lachlan was admitted to PMH to check for similar conditions.

Not only can hospital visits be exhausting and emotionally stressful, but having to visit every day impacts the lives of the family immensely.

Dealing with twins and also an older child Ava, aged 2 years old, Lachlan and Ollie’s parents were grateful for the wonderfully supportive nurses in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. 

"The daily visits to PMH to visit Lachlan and Ollie, never knowing when we would be able to take them home for good was emotionally exhausting and stressful. Even though it was hard, the nurses were wonderfully supportive," said Sarah.

Children like Lachlan and Ollie are cared for at the hospital every day.

Without your support, these children wouldn't have access to the very best expert medical care and specialist equipment needed to increase their chances of survival.

How can you help babies like Lachlan and Ollie?

Your bake sale, casual dress day, or marathon run can help the many West Australian NICU babies who depend on Perth Children’s Hospital for their health. It will also help provide happiness for children and their families.

You can help by donating, fundraising, attending events and doing lots of other fun activities to raise money for Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation.

These important funds:

  • Train expert doctors and nurses
  • Buy desperately needed medical equipment
  • Support specialist services and therapies
  • Assist the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
  • Enable ground-breaking research
  • Provide essential accommodation for regional families

And much more…

You can help babies like Lachlan and Ollie - click here to register your Neonatal Intensive Care Unit fundraiser today.

Your support will give WA kids a chance to live their happiest and healthiest lives.

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Perth Children's Hospital Foundation

We believe all children deserve a chance to live their healthiest and happiest lives; to be able to play and laugh with their siblings and friends; to feel safe and well cared for; to grow up and be whatever they choose to be.

This belief drives all we do.

We are the main fundraising body for Perth Children’s Hospital as well as the wider Child & Adolescent Health Service in Western Australia.

We also work hard to promote healthy lifestyle messages to support parents in keeping their children well.

Did you know?

The Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at Princess Margaret Hospital cares for the most vulnerable and critically ill children and adolescents from throughout Western Australia. 

PICU works alongside the hospital’s six operating theatres and two procedure rooms providing specialist care for seriously ill, injured or ventilated children, post-surgery support and specialist care for patients unsuitable for a ward due to physiological instability or dependence on specialist equipment.

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