Celebrate Something

Donations in lieu of a gift can be applied to almost any event or celebration – birthdays, christening, naming days, anniversaries, to celebrate a new addition to the family, weddings - and is simple to arrange.

By setting up your very own online fundraising page you can make collecting donations for a celebration easy and simple!

Step 1. Click on the ‘Start Fundraising Button”

Here you can tell everyone your fundraising story; post pictures and watch your fundraising tally grow!  You will receive a unique webpage address you can share with your friends, so it’s easy for your supporters to donate to your event.

Don’t forget to Include in your reason choosing to fundraise for Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation, what you are doing and what you want people to do (Donate, come to your event, dress up, donate… )

Step 2. Set a target

Setting a goal will give you and your supporters something to work towards. Plus, hitting your target will give you a reason to celebrate!

Kick-start your donations by donating to your own page, this can also set a recommended donation amount for people who aren’t sure how much to give.

Step 3. Start fundraising!

People are busy and constantly inundated with emails and information so it can be easy for your supporters to forget to donate. It’s up to you to remind them!

  • First, send an email to your friends and family with a link to your online fundraising page
  • Tell them your story and how much you want them to donate (you could include the “Where does your money go”  section of this document so they can see how their money will help)
  • Send updates! If you’re running a marathon, let everyone know how your training is progressing.  If you’re organising a concert, let your supporters know how the band or venue is going, what businesses are supporting your event and how close you are to your fundraising target
  • In the last week before your event, make sure you send a last push for donations – this is when most of your fundraising will come in
  • After the event – send a thank you for support received and a reminder for final donations (some people really are that forgetful!!)

Step 4. Thank everyone!

Thank your donors and supporters along the way, either through email, on your webpage or in person, make them feel good about supporting you.

If you need some inspiration download our Fundraising Toolkit for some fun tips and ideas on how you can make a difference. 

For further information, please contact the Community Engagement Team

Karen – Karen.delore@pchf.org.au or 08 6456 5504

Sarah – sarah.mcnamara@pchf.org.au or 08 6456 5554


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