Support Kids with Respiratory Illness

“Every cough sends a shiver down my spine and every cold they catch puts such pressure on us as we wonder if it is doing any permanent damage to their little lungs.”

Isobel and Ruby 

Dad Gerard describes the worry that comes with being a parent to two little girls with chronic respiratory problems.

During her first week of life, eight-year-old Isobel was classed as a “failure to thrive” when she began having bowel complications and was losing weight. Results from a Guthrie test revealed she had cystic fibrosis, a chronic, life-threatening disorder that affects the lungs and digestive system.

When Christine fell pregnant again in 2007, doctors carried out an amneo sentithis test and confirmed prior to birth that their youngest daughter Ruby would also have cystic fibrosis. Receiving such devastating news for a second time ignited conflicting emotions for the couple.

“We were dealing with this pain, but at the same time we were swept away by how much love our beautiful girls were bringing into our lives”.

Isobel and Ruby

Gerard describes how the family regard the staff and facilities at Princess Margaret Hospital as an important part of their support network.

“All the staff are wonderful, they always take their time with the girls. They do whatever they can to make the girls’ stay as positive as possible, and if all else fails the promise of a visit to Stitches’ Megazone can work wonders.”

Christine and Gerard try to make life for all four of their children as normal as possible and even though they are all too aware of the risks that can impact life expectancy for people with cystic fibrosis, they have hope for the future.

Ruby and Isobel will continue to need the support of the children's hospital for years to come, and you can help them live happier, healthier lives.

How can you help?

Your bake sale, casual dress day, or marathon run will help the many West Australian children who depend on Perth Children’s Hospital for their respiratory health.

It will also help provide happiness for kids at the hospital, and their families.

You can help by donating, fundraising, attending events and doing lots of other fun activities to raise money for Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation.

These important funds:

  • Train expert doctors and nurses
  • Buy desperately needed medical equipment
  • Support specialist services and therapies
  • Assist the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
  • Enable ground-breaking research
  • Provide essential accommodation for regional families

And much more…

You can help children like Isobel and Ruby - click here to register your Respiratory fundraiser today.

Your support will give WA kids a chance to live their happiest and healthiest lives.

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Perth Children's Hospital Foundation

We believe all children deserve a chance to live their healthiest and happiest lives; to be able to play and laugh with their siblings and friends; to feel safe and well cared for; to grow up and be whatever they choose to be.

This belief drives all we do.

We are the main fundraising body for Perth Children’s Hospital as well as the wider Child & Adolescent Health Service in Western Australia.

We also work hard to promote healthy lifestyle messages to support parents in keeping their children well.

Did you know?

The Department of Respiratory Medicine cares for infants, children and young people with a broad range of chronic and acute respiratory conditions.

Some of the most common conditions treated at the Department of Respiratory Medicine include asthma, cystic fibrosis, congenital lung disease, airway disease, difficult pulmonary infections and sleep related respiratory disorders.

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