The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is an opportunity for corporates and individuals alike to do something powerfully unique in 2019.

A series of intimate events, the Inner Circle invites bright minds in Western Australia to join the exclusive Inner Circle where you will professionally and philanthropically challenge yourself not only for your benefit but for future generations to come.


Changing the trajectory for Western Australian children impacted by burn injury

In Australia, there are over 6,000 burns related hospital admissions each year. Alarmingly, the highest incidence of burn injury occurs in children under the age of four.

The goal of the Inner Circle is to raise at least $100,000 through the collective generosity of aspiring Western Australian leaders and key sponsors.

The funds raised will help to establish the Centre of Excellence for Childhood Burns at Perth Children’s Hospital, led by Professor Fiona Wood AM.

The WA Burns Service has developed the care of burn injuries to a world-leading standard. But too many mysteries remain, especially with the care of children – the highest risk group for burns. Survivors of burns seem to be more vulnerable to cancer and have alarmingly higher mortality rates later in life from heart disease, diabetes, mental illness and infection. But the cause mechanism is still unknown. 

At the new Centre of Excellence for Childhood Burns at Perth Children’s Hospital, Professor Fiona Wood is bringing together an interdisciplinary expert team with research embedded in treatment processes.

The mission is to understand how burns affect long-term health to improve the life trajectory for injured children and their families. This knowledge may lead to reduced health costs as treatment is optimised, assist clinical decision making and develop new pioneering treatments to improve the outcomes of young burn survivors.

Together, with your support we can understand why and change the trajectory for future generations of burns victims.


Romeo’s Story


Romeo was just three years old when he sustained burns to 80% of his tiny body during an overseas family holiday in 2016. Plunging into the hotel spa and immersed to his neck, Romeo screamed in excruciating pain. The spa thermostat was broken and the water was at boiling point. The family knew that the best place for Romeo would be at PMH (now Perth Children's Hospital), under the care of Professor Fiona Wood AM and her amazing team. Care that ultimately saved Romeo’s life. Little Romeo faces many more years of treatment for the burn injury he sustained. He has a 1.6 times greater risk of mortality than children with no burn injury.

Join the Inner Circle today
To join the Inner Circle and attend an upcoming exclusive event, Seekers must raise at least $1,000 (per event).

You can either personally donate this via your own personalised fundraising page, or you can share your page with your personal and professional networks to encourage others to help you reach your target in support of the Centre of Excellence for Childhood Burns.

For more information about the Inner Circle, read more about the Emerging Leaders in Philanthropy program, run by Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation

"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give". 

There is only one act greater than your personal philanthropy and that is to let it be an example for others to follow. 

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